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  1. Company name: Hollico.HD
    Representative Director: Takashi Horio

  3. Address: 4-2, Sadanaricho Kishoin, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-8322, Japan
    TEL: 075-682-0011
    FAX: 075-682-0018


  1. Capital Stock: 1,100,000 yen

  2. The date of foundation: January 28, 2016.


  2. Description of Business:
    1. Management of The Restaurant and Consulting.
    2. Management of The Restaurant by The Franchise System.
    3. General Worker Dispatching Undertakings.
    4. The Production of Kitchen appliance, Household Articles Equipment or Other Products of Coffee and Food, The Restaurant Concerned and Sale.
    5. The Acquisition of Securities, Use, Investment and Possession.
    6. Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment in Venture Company.
    7. Lease of The Real Estate and The Management.
    8. Management of The Hotel and Hostel.
    9. Incident Business Activities Related to The Preceding Item.