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The Terms of Long Stay Plan

  1. Please follow the terms and conditions of the accommodation contract and our terms of use.
  2. Please do not use the rooms for any purpose other than accommodation, such as commercial or business purposes: E.g. using the room as an office, an exhibition space, for photography or filming.
  3. All rooms in this hostel are non-smoking except the smoking room that is on the first floor.A cleaning fee will be charged if you smoke in a non-smoking area.
  4. A long-term contract does not grant guests any legal residential rights, such as leasehold rights, residency rights, Act on Land and Building Leases. Therefore, we can only issue a verification of accommodation, we cannot issue a certificate of residence.
  5. Please do not register our address on any systems, regardless of the length of your stay.
  6. We may not be able to allow you to stay if you have a fever when you arrive or while staying at this hostel, or if the contents of the measure against COVID-19 determined by the government apply to your case. Additionally, those who are infected with COVID-19 cannot use this Long Stay Plan.
  7. Please show us your ID when you check-in, we will make a copy of it.
  8. We might have to ask you to change rooms according to the circumstances.
  9. Do not use high-voltage equipment that exceeds the allowable ranges.
  10. Our staff walks around the hostel for safety management and service maintenance. We will contact you when required, even if you hang the “NO CLEAN UP TODAY” sign on the door. When you do not answer or we consider it an emergency situation, we will unlock the door to check inside.
  11. We strictly prohibit anyone other than registered guests from staying at the hostel. Please refrain from lending the guest rooms to non-registered guests, or meeting with visitors inside the guest rooms.
  12. The room must be paid for in full at check-in.
  13. You will be charged a cancellation fee that is based on the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation Contract. (Refer to TABLE 1 below)
  14. If you want to shorten your stay, you will be charged a cancellation fee that is based on TABLE 2 below.
  15. We change bed linens and clean the room every 4 days during your stay. If you need extra cleaning or an additional change of bed linens, there is an additional fee. ¥500 (tax included) / 1 person
  16. We do not have a parking lot. Please use the nearby paid parking. The fee may be paid at the guest's expense.
  17. Bringing pets is prohibited in our hostel.

Table 1

Individual Guest (less than 10 people)

  • When the Individual Guest cancels the accommodation three (3) days or more prior to the day of accommodation, no cancellation charge is accrued.
  • When the Individual Guest cancels the accommodation two (2) days or less prior to the day of accommodation, the cancellation charge shall be 100% of one night on the first day.
  • When the Individual Guest does not show up on the day of accommodation, the cancellation charge shall be 100% of two nights on the first day and second day.

Table 2

  • Consecutive nights plan (for 7-30 nights)
    -> We will refund the balance of the accommodation fee after the amount of fee you have already stayed and an additional 3 days has been deducted.